My Dressing application

Girls, I made ​​haste to share with you a novelty, which I have found on  Play Market for Android base. It's "MyDressing" - the application for phones, which solves 90% of the problem of "what to wear today?" with which girls face every day. For me, this finding is salvation, it will save time in the morning.
This allows you to create your own lookbook with your own clothes. It's easy: you take pictures of your clothes, cut it, defines it in a category (such as a skirt in the category of "Skirts", a dress in category "Dresses") and create looks for any occasion.
Yesterday, I began to photograph my clothes and realized that it will take a lot of time, as I have sooo much clothes, but the problem of "what to wear?" nowhere disappeared. ha-ha... And since this time I'll have ready looks, and I don't have to spend half an hour, puzzling over outfit. Now I can easily choose what to wear on a given case.
Pictures for example